Take 60 Second CPS Test to find out how many clicks you can do in 60 seconds.

NOTE: Counter will start immediately after clicking.

: 0.000

: 0

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If 60 Seconds is not enough for your clicking skills then try ;)

If you want to get your clicking finger pupmed up try ;)

Clicks in 60 Second Test: CPS test 60 Second

You might be wondering well that how you will be able to click at a faster rate in a second. So, today we make it easier for you to understand.

A button below will help you start the test. All you need is to click on it at a faster rate as this will be increasing the CPS test in a second. The clock will start to tick with your first click itself.

You need to click on the button if you are looking to restart this clicking test.

You will be able to share your outcome with that of your friends even and this makes this tool a great form of fun. The aspects seem to get better with your friends around all at a single place. You will be able to defeat them as well as challenge them too.

You can share the magic of that of the fastest fingers while challenging other players who are performing this game.

You can now utilize your spare time at the best level of fun!