Clicks Per Second

Challenge yourself and measure click per seconds.

Take 5 Second CPS Test to find out how many clicks you can do in 5 seconds.

NOTE: Counter will start immediately after clicking.

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If 5 Seconds is not enough for your clicking skills then try ;)

Click speed test usually fixes into an aspect that defines itself. All you need is to keep clicking for a specific period of time. You will be able to check on the CPS rate and the speed in which you click. You need to keep on clicking till your arms give up. It is about 60 seconds considering the average time for your clocks. Hit faster and harder till when you can. Your success and loss will be determined through the number of hits you make.

You also get an add-on option to check on the keyboard buttons that will be testing your speed at clicking else you also have the option for the mouse to choose from. All you need is to follow the above mentioned options.

Calculate the clicks you make online

You can now thoroughly test your clicking speed all by yourself in the following ways:

  • Initiate the game, start clicking at your maximum rate to what you can do with your mouse and keyboard.
  • Now multiply the score you come up with 6 times.
  • You will be able to analyze the number of clicks you make in a minute.
  • Now divide the score that you have multiplied by 10 and you will be able to know the clicks you have made in a second.
  • You will now be getting the clicks you have made in a minute.

If you wish to click at a faster rate for the games then you can also use an Auto Clicker and this will be doubling the number of clicks you make in a minute.

On the browser and even on your smartphone you will be able to check on your click speed. You can now calculate the speed of your clicks through the platform of Android apps. All you need is to check on the Google PlayStore. In the search bar, type in “Click Speed Test”.You will come across the listed results and all you need to do is to go with the best-rated apps.

Note: To avoid viruses or someone to be able to hack into your cell phone and its data, look out for the apps that bear the similar name. Check on the privacy policy along with the descriptions.

Free online click speed test

Click Per Second is, in reality, the outcome of the number of clicks you make and that is how you get the CPS rate. The number of rates you make, more results will be awarded to you. The connection of the internet, input devices and many more are the factors that affect the rate of the CPS. The speed of the internet can slow down the rate of the test as well as the outcomes.

Element Speed: People are almost unaware of the terms stated. The platform that is dedicated to the measurement of click speed is what speed element or element speed is supposed to be. It can both be the site as well as the application that is there on your smartphone.

Advantages of Click Test Apps and games

You might be wondering the reason behind the apps of click speed? You might also wonder the reason behind its going viral amongst people. It actually is a source of fun and entertainment. People brush off the stress as well as anger just by hitting over the screen for the click several numbers of times.

You will be able to cure both anger and stress through this. There are times when relationships are affected through anger. You can mend your relation through this game too. You can simply play this game at times when you are in a tough situation. You will be relaxed and effectively will be able to find a perfect solution to this problem.

1. How dangerous is jitter clicking?

This is a topic of debate for many years. There can be some adverse effects through jitter clicking and they can be arthritis as well as Carpal Tunneling Syndrome. You need to either stop to do jitter clicks or slow down your speed rate.

2. How will you increase your rate per clicks?

The following are the manners in which you can increase your clicks per second:

  • Instead of the laptop trackpad try using a gaming mouse.
  • Try your hands on butterfly clicking as well as jitter clicking.
  • If you wish to click faster try adjusting the sensitivity of the mouse.
  • Try games and software to try clicking quickly.

3. When does your mouse click randomly?

Some factors rule externally that result in such behavior. There can be issues with the software or might be a driver that is outdated or if the mouse has gotten some specks of dust inside.

4. How will my mouse have double clicks?

You need to have the double click speed in the mouse settings adjusted if you want to perform the double click randomly.

5. How the double-clicking on the mouse stop?

This feature will not be automatically disabled as you will be able to try out slowing the speed in double-clicking. You can find these settings in the control panel.